Freitag, 9. Mai 2014

Mark, Ari and Slender Fungus....

Ari, President der
Slender Fungus Cycling Association 

schreibt in seinem blog:

".....On a very, very long stretch of road we spotted what we were sure was a bike light. Indeed it was Gerald, from Germany, throwing in the towel and trying to get back to Grinnell. We took him in and told him a big storm was coming Iowa style. He rode with us and we chatted and cracked jokes. He was cold and tired but was happy to hang out with the American weirdos.
We met up with GT after TJ could not find the right intersection. We went down some steep dirt roads into darkness that I thought would swallow us.
I was relieved to find GT. He was standing on a corner in the middle of God's Country. Lightning was all around him and it was a very surreal image. Lightning bolts were coming down vertically, horizontally and in different colors probably due to the dust in the air. What a crazy freak show! TJ and Bonk King manned the corner and GT, Gerald and I packed into the Truck with no name. WE drove back to Grinnell to drop Gerald off...."


GT und Ari im "truck ohne Namen" aber mit bassigem Sound

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