Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Trans Iowa V10 is in the books

Zurück in Deutschland.  mein Bericht ist in Arbeit.

Guitar Ted ist schneller- klick hier

GT in seinem aktuellem blog:

"The wind was up over 30mph, a light rain was blowing sideways, and the sky was ablaze with the fireworks of lightning to our South-Southwest."


"Hmmm.....a prophetic header, perhaps?"


  1. Gerald, thank you for contacting us! You are amazing for having come out all the way to Iowa. I hope we keep in contact for many years to come. I will have your blog on my list for future reference.
    Thank you Gerald,

  2. Gerald, thank you...for come out all the way to Ortsausfahrt Richtung Lüdersdorf, klein the world is - manchmal. Looking forward to your Gravel-Stories!